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At Couples Counselling Centre, we specialize in three main areas of focus to provide our patients effective therapy.

Individual Counselling

We work with individuals experiencing trauma, grief, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, postpartum depression and more.

Couples Counselling

Transform your disconnection and negative communication patterns into connection and intimacy.

Teen Counselling

We help teenagers resolve problems, modify behaviors, and make positive and lasting changes.

When we help a couple, we help a home.

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Meet MaryAnn Dawood

I always knew that “The bond between the couple is the heartbeat of the home”. The heartbeat is the life force. When the couples relationship is characterized by a lot of conflict and fighting, it resonates in the home. I knew that when you help a couple, you help them as individuals and you help their home! There is no greater pursuit in my eyes !

MaryAnn Dawood

MPharm, RPh, MACP, RP (Q)

It’s all about you
You know something has to change…

You’re probably feeling so alone and hopeless right now. The relationship you once looked to for strength and joy is beginning to feel like a source of pain and disconnection. You feel like you have tried everything that you know to make your relationship better. You’ve tried talking about your issues but somehow always end up spiraling into a fight- leaving you feeling so frustrated, disconnected and more hurt each time. You worry about where your relationship is headed if something doesn’t change.

Maybe you never imagined you would be looking for a couples therapist. Perhaps couples therapy has always felt like a last resort. I want you to know you are in the right place. You can transform your disconnection and negative communication patterns into connection and intimacy- even if that feels impossible right now. By saying yes to therapy and committing yourself to the process, you can pivot from this place of distress to a place of connection and security. Can you imagine coming home to your partner and having them feel like your safe haven from the stressors of the world. Can you imagine feeling seen, valued and loved by your partner. That would mean everything to you.

Your relationship is too important to see a therapist who doesn’t specialize in relationships. At CCC, we use interventions that are well supported by science. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a tried and tested modality. EFT has helped thousands of couples heal their relationship and the same is possible for you. Don’t delay- this is just too important.


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