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If you had a heart problem would you want your family doctor to treat it or would you want to be referred to a specialist? You’d probably want to be seen by a cardiologist- someone who sees this problem day in and day out and knows how to treat it. Our relationships are such an important part of our life- why settle for anything less than specialized care? Our therapists are trained in the gold standard for couples therapy: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).
EFT was co-founded by a Canadian Psychologist, Dr. Sue Johnson, in the 1980s and has been rigorously tested in research studies since. It was found that 70-75% of couples experienced significant gains, moving from a place of distress and tension to a place of love and connection. What’s more, is that 90% of couples showed significant improvement in their overall relationship satisfaction. When they followed up with these couples some years later, they found the results were lasting. This is because EFT doesn’t just teach couples negotiation or communication skills- it works to strengthen the bond and connection between couples. People often describe this kind of therapy as “working from the inside out”.

The amount of sessions needed is highly dependent on the couple, their level of engagement, and their goals for therapy. Typically, couples experience a new sense of connection within 12 -20 sessions. Some couples may require less time, while other couples (especially those who have experienced complex trauma) may require more sessions. You and your therapist may collaborate to decide which may be best for you. Sessions are usually weekly but a different schedule can be accommodated.

Most clients prefer weekly sessions to keep the momentum going. However, there are clients who want to be seen every two weeks, monthly, or even more than once a week. The frequency of sessions will depend on the time you have to invest, the severity and urgency of the issue, and your budget.

Typically clients present to therapy when things are most severe so more frequent sessions are warranted. Eventually, we will reduce the frequency until you feel confident to end therapy. Being open about the difficulties you experience while being motivated to make changes will be helpful to achieve your goals for therapy.

If your partner is not ready to come to couples therapy, you can still be seen individually. We can work together to help you uncover the emotions underneath the anger and help you develop your voice so you can share that with your partner in a way that is loving and invites dialogue.

If you have extended health benefits, it is very likely our services are covered. Since each insurance plan is different, it is your responsibility to check the details of your coverage directly with your benefits. Pay special attention as to whether they will cover “Registered Psychotherapist” or “Registered Psychologist” BEFORE the first session and let your therapist know. We MAY still be able to work with you. Please let us know BEFORE you book your session with the therapist otherwise we will assume you require psychotherapy services (not psychologist) and will not be able to change it. Our work would be supervised by an off-site registered psychologist. In this case, the hourly cost would include their fee in addition. The psychologist supervising our work is not present with us for counselling sessions. The psychologist will give their input about the case during case consultations with your therapist.

When calling your insurance company to inquire about services, you may find some of these questions helpful:

  • What your benefits cover (psychology services, MSW, and/or psychotherapy services)
  • Is your partner covered under the same plan or a different plan
  • Is there a maximum amount per session
  • When does the policy renew
  • Do they require both names on the receipt

We accept all major credit cards.

No, we will charge you at the end of the session and will email you an official receipt that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.
If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can do so any time on our booking site, as long as you give us at least 48 hours notice. If you give us less than 48 hours, we do have to charge for the full amount of the session.

Yes! At the present time we are offering virtual therapy only. The therapy takes place in the comfort of your own home without you having to commute. Online or telephone therapy may be more convenient for you if you do not want to waste time commuting, if you or your partner have limited mobility, or if you have children and finding childcare is a challenge. Virtual therapy has made therapy more accessible to people and studies have shown it is just as effective as face-to-face counselling.

You can access our secure video conferencing platform where we will meet for our sessions. It is very easy to set up!

I hear you, no one wants to spend money on couples therapy—of course; you’d rather spend that money on a holiday or finally upgrade your kitchen. But there is a long-term financial benefit to getting treatment and resolving conflict with your partner.

Divorce is very costly. Can you afford not to seek couples therapy? Working to improve the relationship with your partner is one of the most worthwhile investments you’ll ever make. Relationships are the most important predictors for life satisfaction.

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