8 ways to reconnect with your partner

November 1, 2022

Sometimes when life gets really busy with work, responsibilities , at times children and family you can feel as if you are drifting away from your partner. Does everything feel like a blur, you feel as though you are constantly busy and not feeling a connection with your partner? Despite how much you communicate with each other it just feels as though there is a disconnection?

Here are 8 ways YOU can try to reconnect with your partner : 

  1. Create couple rituals. Sit down with your partner and create 5-10 rituals which the two of you will follow through with. For example, it could be every two weeks you eat dinner at home together or every sunday you go on a walk with your partner.
  2. Reawaken the adventure in bed, or rekindle intimacy with your partner.
  3. Show appreciation and compassion to your partner. This is one of the easiest ways to reconnect with your partner. Affection shows each of you that you are wanted and loved.
  4. Find out what quality time means for the both of you and schedule time to engage in those activities.
  5. Remind yourself of each other’s love languages and discuss ways that you can implement using these love languages in your day to day lives. Sometimes the disconnect between two people can be that they are not receiving love in the same way anymore.
  6. Stay curious about your partner. Keep asking questions, discussing opinions or imagined scenarios. Sometimes when we are in long term relationships we assume we know our partner best, but really they are the expert on themselves. Keep staying curious about your partner and ask questions often.
  7. Create daily or weekly check-ins with your partner. Check in daily or weekly to see how they are really doing and how your relationship is going. Talk about what worked that week and what wasn’t working that week.
  8. Create a code word for love. Find a word or a way that only you two know, that shows each of you that you love each other. It can come in handy when you are working or in front of colleagues and your partner comes around, and creates that “just us” feeling anytime you use it.

These are just some ways to reconnect, there are many more and if you are feeling really out of place with your partner- you may want to seek professional help. There is no shame in seeking counselling for you and your partner. It can be life and love- changing!

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