Tips to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long Term Relationship

August 19, 2022

Most relationships may go through an initial phase, where it’s all about attraction, laughter, lust and love. This is often commonly referred to as “the honeymoon phase”. The honeymoon tends to phase out anywhere from 6 months to 2 years into a relationship.

It takes time, effort and work to maintain a strong connection in a long-term relationship. It is okay to fight or argue with your partner, it is normal. However, it is all about your ability to repair and reconnect that counts.

Here are some quick practical tips you can begin to implement now:

  • Go on date nights regularly. Each week or two (or month), you can take turns picking a spot or an activity for a date. It will help with keeping the romance and fun alive. Sharing new experiences together can also be very bonding.
  • Be a positive energy for one another. You can do this by praising one another on a daily basis. It does not have to be something big, it can be small, such as, “I like your outfit today.”
  • Schedule a time for each other during the day. It can be during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Talk about your day, something that happened or something you are looking forward to. You can take this time to even talk about something that is bothering you. Sharing your emotions or thoughts is a sign of good communication between you and your partner. If you find you are getting stuck here or the conversation falls flat, you may benefit from some couples counseling.
  • Make plans that don’t involve each other. Spend time with your friends or family. You should still feel independent and prioritize self-care to regulate your emotions or thoughts.
  • Setting healthy goals. You can encourage your partner to reach their goal or vice versa. The goal can be small or big, or time sensitive. Sharing a common goal can be very bonding (And more motivating!)

This is a starting point, however to cultivate a deeper emotional connection, most couples benefit from a period of couples counselling!

So tell us what is one tip that helps keep the spark alive in your relationship?

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