Communication is key for any relationship

August 19, 2022

That is the answer most of us get when we ask a couple who has endured the test of time what their secret is. What if I told you it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of communication with your partner that really matters. Communication is how you respond to your partner’s feelings and thoughts.

Tips to communicate better:

  • Do not interrupt your partner. You’ll feel the tendency to correct your partner when they are talking about a certain event or incident. Try to hold your remarks until they are finished with their point. Your partner will feel they are being heard as you are attentively listening to them.
  • Giving relevant responses to the conversation. Take time to process and understand what your partner is saying. It shows how well you listen and understand your partner’s feelings.
  • Do not have a passive or aggressive tone when talking or responding. Use a calm tone and begin a conversation with how you are feeling.. For example, “I feel hurt because you always focus on work.”
  • Focus on the quality of the conservation you have with your partner. Have a designated time during the day where you and your partner talk about each other’s day and share any events that occured.

Communication is not easy for everyone. If you and your partner are still having a hard time communicating effectively, book a free consultation with Couples Counselling Centre to see how you can improve the connection in your relationship.

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