Are you and your partner speaking the same language?!

April 20, 2022

While you both may be speaking the same language… your love language may be something you hadn’t considered. Love language is the way someone experiences and communicates love. While everyone is different, there are five general languages of love.

  • Acts of Service

Acts of service is the physical expression of a thoughtful gesture. It is a love language described by doing things for your partner that show them you love them. The love between partners is shown through actions whether they are big or small. Examples of acts of service are doing one’s chores if they are exhausted, filling up their gas tank, watering a loved ones plants or cooking their meal.

  • Receiving Gifts

Receiving gifts is a love language which focuses on showing affection and love through the gift. Thai can seem a little materialistic but it’s the thought that counts behind the gift. For those whose love language is receiving gifts, gifts are seen as a symbol of love, affection and empathy. Examples of receiving gifts as love language would be bringing your loved one their favourite flowers, buying something that reminded you of your loved one or sending a surprise package to them at work.

  • Quality time

This love language is all about giving your loved one your undivided attention. Quality time is time spent with your loved ones in some way that is special, productive, important or whenever everyone is involved. It’s time put aside to be fully in the attention of your loved one and be present in those moments with them. Examples of quality time are actively watching a movie together, having a conversation without your phones near you, watching a tv show together, getting a coffee together and assuring you are actively engaging in conversation or having dinner together without any distractions.

  • Words of affirmation

This love language’s main focus is the use of words to affirm other people. Words of affirmation are words that show and communicate love, empathy, affection, respect and admiration for your loved one. Words that are positive, uplifting and encouraging are said to another person. Examples of words of affirmation are ” I just want to let you know I appreciate you”. ” I feel so lucky to have you”. ” I am here if you need me to he;p and support you however I can”.

  • Physical touch:

This love language is focused around appropriate and consensual physical touch. Physical touch as a love language releases oxytocin which makes the feel good hormone. It refers to expressions and receiving affection through touch, physical proximity and closeness. Some examples of physical touch are kidding, hugging, holding hands, putting your hand on your loved ones arm when speaking to them, cuddlings and sexual intimacy.

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