How Can ADHD Impact Your Relationship?

September 6, 2022

Before we dive into this topic and look at the intricacies of this, let’s talk about what ADHD is?

ADHD is a term that seems to be used a lot, yet many don’t actually understand what an ADHD diagnosis entails. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many people have ADHD and may not realise how it impacts their relationships and their connection with their partner. At times, the partner without ADHD may interpret things their partner does as them being careless, irresponsible or they may think their partner’s “ways” are just not compatible. Here are some common ways ADHD can impact a relationship. Learning to talk about these things with your partner in an open and vulnerable way can clear up a lot of misunderstandings and lead to greater connection!

  • attention dysregulation is when you lose focus, over focus or have the ability to switch focus abruptly. Understandably this may sometimes make the partner feel like they are not being listened to.
  • Someone with ADHD may get distracted very easily. It can be by external distraction, the environment that someone is in or even internally where their thoughts take over and take away from the present moment they are in.
  • Hyperactivity can manifest in over movement, in constantly needing to move or having a restless body and mind.
  • Impulsivity can manifest in speech, action, spending and behaviours.
  • Lack of organisation skills can affect household duties, paying bills, losing important things, messiness and even hoarding.
  • Inability to follow instructions which can manifest in difficulty sequencing certain tasks or remembering things.
  • Time management issues can manifest in being late, missing important deadlines or dates
  • There may be a lack of social skills, difficulty picking up subtle social signals.

Are these things you’ve noticed in your relationship either in yourself or your partner? If ADHD is impacting your relationship, couples therapy can be really helpful!

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