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Kathy Dahmer, MDiv, RP

Disciplines: Individuals, Couples, Families, Youth

Issues: Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma , Marriage/Couples Counselling, Parenting Issues, Youth Mental Health, Complex Grief and/or Trauma, Spiritual Distress

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Stephanie Doerr, BA, B. Ed., MACP, R.P (Q), LPT

Disciplines: Children, Parent Support, Individuals, Couples
Issues: (Standard) Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem/Body Image, Depression, Stress, Anger-Management, Trauma
(Specialties) Couples, Parenting/Familial Issues, Peer Relationship Issues, School Issues including School Refusal

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Peter Wong, MACP (Candidate)

Disciplines: Couples, Families, Individuals, LGBTQS2, Parent Support, Teens,Youth
Issues: Relationships, Marital and Family Issues, Depression and Anxiety, Addiction
Specialties: CBT, Depression, Infidelity, Marriage/Couples counselling, School issues, Spiritual abuse, Spiritual distress, Stress, Trauma, Youth mental health

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