5 ways to Reconnect as Empty Nesters

November 1, 2022

Entering the stage of empty nesting can feel very foreign. After raising children and dedicating most of your time and energy to them, all of a sudden they are now grownup and no longer live at home with you. You and your partner are now left in a home without children. It may feel quiet at first, and then other feelings may set in such as  loneliness, uneasiness, emptiness and you may feel purposeless.

Are you Empty Nesters? Is it impacting you? Your Relationship… Read on

  • Try to engage in hobbies that you lost touch with while raising children. There may be a hobby which you stopped engaging in because of the busyness of life. Was it swimming, drawing, knitting, planting, painting?
  • Communicate with your partner. You are probably feeling the same thing your partner is feeling, being able to communicate your feelings can make both of you feel less alone and supported by each other.
  • Schedule out couples activities. Spend a day on a hike with your partner, or cooking your favourite meal together, go to the movies, go on a date ! Schedule activities with each other.
  • Reach out to friends and reconnect with them! Try to create a community of friends that can give you a social outlet away from your partner and family.
  • Try something new together! Create new memories together, engage in a new cooking class, a dance class- do something together that you both have not done before.

Let’s be real, being an empty nester can be hard. Some days may be easier than others, try to implement the tips above ! If you still are feeling stuck, reach out to a professional and they will be able to help and guide you and your partner in this season of life. It can be an exciting time, rediscovering who you are without your children, but you may need help with this!

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