Stephanie Doerr, BA, B. Ed., MACP, R.P, LPT

About Stephanie

Registered Psychotherapist (Not currently accepting new clients)

Sometimes we can feel stuck in a particular state of being that disrupts many aspects of our lives. We aren’t sure where to begin to unpack this experience so we tend to push it aside, until it no longer can be ignored. Wanting a way to move forward but not knowing how to start that process can feel overwhelming, defeating, and isolating.

A message to Couples and Families Looking for Therapy

Pulling from several strategies, all rooted in the belief that connection is the key to healing, my process for therapy begins with helping you connect with yourself. In doing so, the hope is that you are better able to then express your experiences and reconnect with those you love and care for most. Through the act of understanding and sharing your inner most needs, and then having those validated and understood by those closest to you, transformative experiences occur.

In these novel experiences where you feel heard and supported, you start to move away from those rigid, disruptive patterns and interactions and into places of peace and belonging. Through my holistic view of individuals that recognizes the importance of identifying, understanding, and accepting all emotions that come forth, the possibility for new insight can take place. Being with you as you sit in and process the emotions that you typically want to run away from, paves the way for deeper and more meaningful relationships.

A message to Children or Teens Looking for Therapy

Truly understanding your world when it feels like no one else seems to “get you” is my goal for therapy. I want to be the person who helps you feel heard in moments of joy, sadness, anger, anxiety, and even in those moments where words seem impossible to find. We will create a space where you can safely vent the tough experiences life is throwing at you and we will learn how to navigate these together.

My hope is that as you begin to feel heard, understood, and supported, you will gain a greater self-awareness into who you are, and who you want to become. The more connected you are to yourself, the more likely you are to reach out and connect with the people that are most meaningful to you.

Experience: Stephanie is a Registered Psychotherapist with a master’s degree in counselling psychology from Yorkville University and undergraduate degrees in the arts and education from Brock University. For 6 years, she has been practicing as a licensed teacher for the Thames Valley District School board in the elementary school sector. Her teaching experience includes working with children from the ages of 4 to 18, with particular focus on children ages 4-14. Outside of her teaching profession, Stephanie has worked in various mental health facilities including Western Area Youth Services as a residential counsellor and at Vanier Children Mental Wellness Services as a child and family therapist. She also volunteers at the Ark Aid Mission providing support and crisis intervention for individuals actively experiencing or at risk for experiencing homelessness and substance dependency.

Client Focus: My passion lies in working alongside children (starting at 4+), families, couples, and individuals

Types of therapy: CBT, EFT, IFS, Narrative Therapy, Play Therapy


(Standard) Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem/Body Image, Depression, Stress, Anger-Management, Trauma

(Specialties) Couples, Parenting/Familial Issues, Peer Relationship Issues, School Issues including School Refusal

My favourite quote:

“The greatest gift a parent has to give a child, and a lover has to give to a lover, is emotionally attuned attention and timely responsiveness. When people feel loved, they are freer, more alive, and more powerful than we ever imagined” – Sue Johnson

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