MaryAnn Dawood, MPharm, RPh, MACP, RP

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For much of my life, I have vague memories of being in a crowded room where someone, lowering their voice, leans over and says “I haven’t shared this with anyone before…” or “I don’t know why I’m telling you this …”

I didn’t know why people would share their most personal stories with me but I knew that it felt like such a privilege and that I would come alive hearing it!

This continued in my work as a pharmacist (Yes, I am a pharmacist and psychotherapist). I found patients sharing their personal stories and lived experiences with me from behind the counter as they waited for their prescription. Sometimes some of them would catch themselves “oh, sorry… you must be busy” or “you don’t want to hear about this…”. Others would joke with me “you are in the wrong profession” or “are you going to send me a bill for this session?” The truth was I was equally drawn to them and their stories. I was moved by their pain and awe struck by their courage.

So, I knew I could connect with people- almost effortlessly and I knew I wanted to help but I just didn’t know how to help. That’s when I decided I wanted to pursue becoming a therapist. And what a journey it has been!

So why did I decide to dedicate a large part of my practice to relationships?

I always knew that “The bond between the couple is the heartbeat of the home”. The heartbeat is the life force. When the couples relationship is characterized by a lot of conflict and fighting, it resonates in the home. I knew that when you help a couple, you help them as individuals and you help their home! There is no greater pursuit in my eyes!

  • Relationships are often the most important predictors of life satisfaction.
  • When we strengthen the bond between couples, we heal families.
  • When the bond between the couple is strong and secure, their children are more likely to feel secure and cultivate resiliency.

This work is too important to settle for anything less than specialized help.


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